Gather Communications | The Team
Gather is a collective of marketing, creative and digital professionals who provide a full line of marketing and communication services to businesses both big and small.
Gather, Communications, Calgary, Creative, Design, Advertising
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We’re a tight-​knit team

with plenty of bench strength.

As our name suggests, Gather is a gathering of people — where the opportunity to connect, collaborate and share ideas is integral to our success. And yours.

Carefully selected team

Gather has a large group of creative professionals and digital agencies committed to our collaborative working model. These professionals have been selected based on their experience — as well as their ability to deliver a high quality product. In other words, they have a proven track record.

Within our team, you’ll find award-​winning creative directors, art directors, designers and copywriters. You’ll also find specialists — the technical writers, the proofreaders, the corporate communications gurus and the digital programmers – all here to help you get noticed.

Gather is operated by ad agency veterans. You can rest assured that the task at hand will be completed on time, on budget and with the utmost of professionalism.

Angela Hartley


Angela is a detailed and effective manager who directs and oversees project management and operations for Gather. She has a thorough understanding of all aspects of the business and develops systems and processes to manage projects efficiently and effectively.

She possesses organizational skills in scheduling and project management and this makes her a critical member of the client team, if we do say so ourselves. Her abilities to maintain control of the financial and administrative elements of her accounts are second to none.

Angela has over 10 years of advertising agency experience in the areas of project management, communications, operations and account management. She brings this experience, along with the skills she gained during her 14 years as a customer service manager — turning any project she handles into a successful one. Angela also holds a Bachelor of Commerce in Marketing.

Our Story

While working for a small firm, Angela realized employees were being asked to complete marketing projects that weren’t suited to their skill set. Which is fine, but not always ideal. The result is that projects were falling through the proverbial cracks, and deadlines were missed. Angela encouraged her company to seek outside support and contracted freelancers within her network to supply the services. A bell went off. Or maybe it was a light-​bulb. Whatever it was, it got Angela smiling. And thinking.

Gather is the result.

Get in touch.